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Let's Talk About School | Charles H. Stillman Parent Townhall Presentation

Charles H. Stillman Elementary School is the home of approximately 360 students from Kindergarten through Grade 5. The 2020 – 2021 school year promises to be exciting. It is our priority to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust with all who enter our doors, particularly students, staff, and parents.  Our mission, in partnership with the community, is to inspire, empower, nurture and educate our diverse student population to become productive, life-long learners and good citizens of a global community. 

There are fourteen full-time classroom teachers and eleven additional full-time certified educators, including a social worker and a school nurse. We currently house (3) kindergarten, (3) 1st grade, (2) 2nd grade, (2) 3rd Grade, (2) 4th Grade, (3) 5th Grade.  The school has a part-time speech and language therapist, three full-time kindergarten teacher assistants, one part-time teacher assistant, two secretaries, three full-time custodians and two part-time custodians. 

The staff of Stillman School developed and adopted the following as the vision statement:

“We, as stakeholders, support each child in all aspects of learning by:

  • Providing a rigorous educational curriculum.
  • Catering to all abilities.
  • Working together as a team.
  • Promoting moral values, honesty, integrity and pride.
  • Encouraging strong self-esteem and high personal expectations.
  • Instilling tolerance and respect for others.
  • Providing a safe nurturing environment.

Our wish is that the students leave with happy memories of their years here at Stillman School.” 

The focus for the 2020 – 2021 school year and beyond is to plan and implement with our vision in mind.  We will support and implement this vision by doing the following:

  • Implement the board approved adopted curriculum with fidelity.
  • Make sure that we differentiate our instruction in order to cater to all abilities. Differentiated Instruction
  • Teambuilding activities in order to strengthen our ability to work together as a cohesive unit.
  • Promote moral values, honesty, integrity and pride. Character Education
  • Encourage strong self-esteem and high personal expectations. Character Education
  • Promote understanding and respect for others. Character Education
  • Providing a safe nurturing environment. Social Emotional Learning

In line with promoting our instructional agenda; what we do will fall into one or more of three areas.  Those areas are as follows:   Using Data to Improve Instruction with a focus in (Mathematics, Literacy & Writing), Character Education and Instructional Best Practices. 

The Leadership Team focuses on facilitating academic achievement for all students and opportunities for growth for all stakeholders. The team uses data to drive instruction and plan professional development activities.   

Together, with our parents, teachers and community stakeholders we will make this school year the best ever! It is up to us to make every day a day of excellence. 

Ms. Gwynetta Y. Joe
Stillman Elementary School